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Does your wire supplier have a backup plan?

We Do.

In the manufacturing sector, we can often be presented with unexpected occurrences, right? A machine going down at just the wrong time, an operator calling in sick, a customer calling last minute to double their order [well, we’re happy to have that one] are some unexpected occurrences we’ve all come across.  If you experience any of these items happening within your daily routines, you know the value of a great backup plan.

The Taubensee Advantage™

When these occurances happen to involve your raw material, it’s vitally important your supplier is on board with your backup plan. However, what’s more valuable is when your supplier has their own backup plan ready to go.  Taubensee is prepared to hit the “plan b” button whenever necessary to get product to our customers on time and within spec. It’s one of our main reasons we like to stay flexible…to accommodate our customers in every way possible! With two fully functional wire drawing facilities, Taubensee has the adaptability to make adjustments that guarantee our customers are never left without the material they need.

Read more to discover how Taubensee satisfies our customers with our dual-facility backup plan:

A Story of Customer Satisfaction – Wire Fabricator

One of our Wire Fabricating customers purchases plating quality wire in a special size from the Henderson facility. Business has been good for them and they received a quick restocking order from their customer. Naturally they called Taubensee to re-order, however the drawing machine utilized for this special surface requirement was scheduled for routine maintenance.
To provide a solution, our Customer Relations team went to work to quickly insert an order at the Wheeling facility utilizing similar equipment. In a few hours, wire was being drawn and an initial shipment would be shipped by the next morning. The benefit of having two complete wire drawing facilities at the customers disposal continues to pay dividends in this tightly managed inventory environment.  
Questions about our capabilities in both our Wheeling, IL & Henderson, KY facilities? Feel free to contact us.

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