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Just-In-Time, At-Spec Delivery

When the order demands responsive turnaround, Taubensee is equipped to meet your needs without delays even on special requests. With the flexibility to respond to your special needs, you can rely on fast, efficient service without compromising quality.  It means you're assured of bar and wire products that meet rigid standards. Delivered at your exact specifications. On time. Whatever the requirements of the job, Taubensee delivers the products you need - when you need them.

Straightened & Cut Wire

Straightened & Cut Wire is produced from coils by means of special machinery which straightens the wire and cuts it to specific lengths.

When your wire requires a straightened and cut application, Taubensee is here to help.  We can straighten and cut any wire product that we manufacture, as well as straighten and cut wire that you already own.  On a tight timeline? Let us straighten and cut your material for you and reduce your production time.  We maintain our Arrow Straight Precision Cut tolerances and lengths to satisfy your every specification.

Even if you use your own straighten and cut machines in your facility, keep us in your back pocket for when things get hectic. We've been straightening and cutting wire for decades, we'll help you in any way possible.

 The straightening operation can alter the mechanical properties of the wire, especially the tensile strength.  For more detailed information, please contact us.

Capabilites and Available Grades

All of the Wire produced by Taubensee is available in uniform, consistent, straight lengths.

Rounds: (dia) .048" through 1.375"
Hexagons/Shapes: (dia) .250" through 1.00"
Squares (Rounded Corner): .187" through .625"
Lengths: 1" through 288" (24 Feet)
Bundle Weights: Up to 10,000#

Note: Not all diameters are available in all lengths. Packaging in Bundles, Banded on Skids, or Packaged in Totes available.


All Wire Products produced by Taubensee are available in uniform, consistent, straight lengths.

We also cut many other types of wire such as:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless
  • Strainded Cable


Available Delivery, Services, and Packaging Information

Shipping MapTaubensee Steel and Wire Company is committed to be your single solutions provider.  We have an array of available processing services and can accomodate important packaging and delivery needs.  We are able to use our extensive network of logistics providers to deliver throughout the continental United States as well as Canada, Mexico, and other international destinations.  Please inquire about your specific domestic or international delivery needs at +1 800 459-5101.

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Cold Finishing Services Available Upon Request

  • Special Diameter & Length Tolerances
  • Special Straightness Tolerances
  • Sawcutting (Bundle or Index Cuts)
  • Single and Double End Champhering
  • Two-roll Restraightening
  • In-line NDT Electronic Testing  /  Off-line NDT Electronic Testing
  • Mechanical Testing / Requested Quality Assurance Testing

Packaging Available Upon Request

  • Small Steel Banded Bundles: 3,000# - 3,999# and 2,000# - 2,999#
  • Extra Steel Bands for Bundles
  • Banded to Skids for easy Material Handling
  • Packaged in Totes
  • Wooden Boxing (to ensure straightness and surface protection) -- 2,000# and 1,000# capacities per box
  • Paper or Plastic Wrapped Bundles to protect steel from environmental conditions
  • Custom Painted Bundle End Colors for quick product identification

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