Taubensee Background

Reliability that Works

The Taubensee Commitment - Doing Business With Integrity

In combining our commitment to quality and service, we’re able to offer our customers a unique advantage: reliability that builds your confidence.

With the experience, resources and flexibility to better serve your needs, you’ll find people throughout our organization capable of offering effective, timely solutions with personal service. At Taubensee, our reputation continues to grow strong because of the strength of our people.


Our efficient coil-to-coil drawing department operates Morgan-Koch drawing machines that produce a vast array of diameters with dependable results. Our bar department operates machines by Kieserling, Etibar, and Lewis that can process your bar or straighten and cut orders in a timely fashion with industry leading quality and value. Whatever the application, you’re assured of consistent, high quality wire and bar products order after order.

Select Raw Materials

At Taubensee, our commitment to quality begins with selecting only the most uniform, consistent raw materials from certified worldwide suppliers. We stock a massive inventory of prime hot-rolled rod from the most reputable sources. If you require your raw materials to be sourced from particular parts of the world, or only from American sources, we are happy to meet those requirements.

Pickling (Chemical Wire Rod Cleaning)

Taubensee has worked closely with KSF Pickling and Acid Recovery Systems to develop innovative cleaning capabilities at Taubensee’s Wheeling, IL and Henderson, KY sites. The pickling process removes scale and dirt without damaging or impairing the surface of the rod. With pickling facilities exclusively designed and engineered to meet our processing requirements and environmental concerns, Taubensee is able to provide high volume production while maintaining zero pollutant discharge.