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  • Appliance Industry
  • Automotive Industry
  • Industrial Wire Forming
  • Household Goods
  • Agriculture
  • Point Of Purchase Displays
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  • Fasteners

Medium Carbon Steel Wire

Medium carbon steel wire has a carbon content between  0.20%-0.5%.  This is a popular material suitable for numerous applications. Because of its higher carbon content, it is stronger and slightly less ductile than low carbon wire.  This type of material has fair formability, will take moderate bending or flattening, and can be roll threaded. Its strength is primarily a function of its carbon content, increasing with carbon amount. The ductility (or malleability) of carbon steel decreases as its carbon content increases.

When used for plating and coating, an excellent surface finish is imperative. Taubensee’s decades of expertise in manufacturing a first-class surface finish is what puts our medium carbon wire above the rest.

Taubensee Steel can adjust many variables in production and chemistry to adapt to your specific application need.


Capabilites and Available Grades

TSW offers several finished surface quality levels for our wire products including Plating Quality (Extra-Clean Smooth Bright or eXcpetional Plating™), Bright Basic, and Industrial Quality (Standard Quality).

Rounds: (dia) .039" through .750"
Hexagons/Shapes: (dia) .187" through .625"
Square: (dia) .187" through .625
Coil Weights: Up to 4,500#


  • All Grades: 1022 through 1050
    Common Grades: 1035, 1038, 1045


Available Delivery, Services, and Packaging Information

Shipping MapTaubensee Steel and Wire Company is committed to be your single solutions provider.  We have an array of available processing services and can accomodate important packaging and delivery needs.  We are able to use our extensive network of logistics providers to deliver throughout the continental United States as well as Canada, Mexico, and other international destinations.  Please inquire about your specific domestic or international delivery needs at +1 800 459-5101.

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Value Added Services Available Upon Request

  • Special Diameter & Length Tolerances
  • Special Cast & Helix Tolerances
  • Special Coil Weights
  • Muli-level Product Oil / Inhibitor Coating Available
  • Mechanical Testing / Requested Quality Assurance Testing

Packaging Available Upon Request

  • Small Wire Carriers Under 4,000# Capacity; Standard 4,000# Capacity; Large Over 4,000# Capacity
  • Continuous Coils on Carriers Under 1,500#
  • Coil Banded to Carrier (Over 1,000#)
  • Carrier Banded to Skid
  • Wooden Skids for Easier Material Handling
  • Plastic Shrouds, Plastic Bagging for Environment Protection of Product
  • Paper "O" Rings for Carriers to Protect Material for Stacking or Material Handling

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