Taubensee Background

Maintenance Technician - Henderson, KY

Reports Directly To: Maintenance Team Leader


1.  Basic Function:

  • Plans and performs maintenance operations in such areas as electrical circuitry, hydraulics, welding, machine set-up and repair and facilities up-keep modification and repair.

2.  Education/Skills Strongly Preferred:

  • High school diploma or G.E.D equivalent
  • Associates degree from an accredited vocational/technical school and or completion of approved apprenticeship program in the field of plant maintenance
  • 5 to 10 years hands-on-progressive maintenance experience in a manufacturing environment

3.  Responsibilities:

  • Ability to be at work, on time, on regularly scheduled work days
  • Ability to understand and obey all work and safety rules
  • Ability to pass all pre-screening tests
  • Ability to bend, twist, kneel and stoop repeatedly throughout the scheduled work day
  • Ability to climb stairs/ladders repeatedly throughout the scheduled work day
  • Ability to push/pull 60 pounds or more repeatedly throughout the scheduled work day
  • Ability to bend and lift 60 pounds or more repeatedly throughout the scheduled work day
  • Ability to climb in and out of and safely operate a fork truck continuously throughout the scheduled work day
  • Possesses sufficient manual dexterity and strength to drive, move and manipulate wire, and work with hand tools throughout the scheduled work day
  • Ability to stand throughout the scheduled work day
  • Ability to sit throughout the scheduled work day
  • Ability to walk throughout the scheduled work day
  • Ability to work in high temperatures throughout the scheduled work day
  • Ability to meet D.O.T. vision requirements (20/40)
  • Ability to hear
  • Ability to read
  • Troubleshoots and suggests changes to eliminate recurring problems
  • Ensures smooth transition of work from one shift to the other
  • Dismantles, analyzes defects or malfunctions, determines and makes necessary repairs on machinery and equipment, including welding
  • Makes replacement parts where applicable requiring close tolerance machining skills
  • Performs all work in accordance with TSW safety procedures and all applicable O.S.H.A. regulations, particularly lockout/tagout
  • Lays out, installs and maintains electrical equipment necessary for power and light supply, machine and equipment operations
  • Troubleshoots electrical problems involving high voltage circuits
  • Welds and fabricates machine and equipment parts
  • Follows standard electrical practices and N.E.C.

4.  Accountabilities:

  • Establishes procedures and perform preventative maintenance on plant equipment and facilities in order to prevent un-necessary downtime
  • Repairing down equipment correctly and safely in a timely manner
  • Lock/out and tag/out of powered systems during maintenance activities
  • Operate equipment and use tools in a responsible and safe manner
  • Works within a self directed work team as an active participant in problem solving and continuous quality improvement
  • Obtaining a firm working knowledge of TSW’s ISO 9002 quality policy
  • Assisting fellow team members as required
  • Performs daily housekeeping in work area

5.  Authority:

  • Has authority to access or enter facility control areas in order to check operating status, make adjustments and coordinate repair or modification activities.  These areas include but are not limited to: electrical/PLC control rooms, pickle house plumbing system controls, automated crane system controls, crystal building systems and controls.
  • Has authority to use company purchased maintenance equipment and designated tools
  • Has authority to lock and tag out equipment being repaired, etc.
  • Has authority to request the review of any maintenance repair or installation practice that is viewed as unsafe or outside of regulatory codes
  • Has authority to remove an unsafe machine or piece of equipment from service once a potential operating hazard has been identified
  • Has authority to access the plant facility during irregular hours when placed on call


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