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The Taubensee Reputation - A Company Built on Trust

At Taubensee Steel & Wire, we've earned a solid reputation with our customers for a good reason. Since 1946, we've dedicated our business to earning trust. Over the years, the steel industry has experienced dramatic changes. And so has Taubensee. What began as a wire, nail, and sheet steel warehouse has evolved into an innovative company committed to the production of quality wire and cold finished bar products.

Hot Rolled Rod

If you want to beat long mill delivery times, Taubensee Steel & Wire Company supplies hot rolled rod coils in various forms and conditions. That's the Taubensee Advantage™ -- Contact us about rod availablity.

Wire rods are hot rolled from billets to an approximately round cross section. They are produced in coils of one continuous length. Wire rods are not comparable to hot rolled bars in accuracy of cross section or surface finish because of the methods of manufacture. Wire rods are a hot rolled product and are intended primarily for the manufacture of wire.

Taubensee maintains stock in all standard wire rod sizes and grades.  Hot rolled wire rod is available in all sizes and carbon or alloy grades that Taubensee produces finished drawn products with ranging up to 17/16" diameters.

Whether you’re looking for hot rolled “green” wire rod, pickled & limed, borax coated, or mechanically descaled, we can help. We clean & coat wire rod in all of our facilities using our quality maintained chemical cleaning operations.


Capabilites and Available Grades

TSW offers several finished surface quality levels for our hot rolled wire rod products including "Green" (scaled), Chemically Cleaned & Coated (Pickled & Coated), and Mechanically Descaled to name a few.

Rounds: (dia) 7/32" through 1-7/16"
Avg. Coil Weights: 4,500#


  • All Grades: 1005 through 1060


  • 1000 Series Bar Grades: 1005 through 1060
  • 1100 Series Bar Grades: 1117 through 1146
  • 1200 Series Bar Grades: 1211 through 1215 and 12L14
  • 1500 Series Bar Grades: 1522 through 1566


Available Delivery, Services, and Packaging Information

Shipping MapTaubensee Steel and Wire Company is committed to be your single solutions provider.  We have an array of available processing services and can accomodate important packaging and delivery needs.  We are able to use our extensive network of logistics providers to deliver throughout the continental United States as well as Canada, Mexico, and other international destinations.  Please inquire about your specific domestic or international delivery needs at +1 800 459-5101.

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Hot Rolled Wire Rod Processing Services Available Upon Request

  • Chemical Cleaning (Pickled)
  • Surface Coating (Lime, Borax)
  • Meachanical Cleaning
  • Special Coil Weights
  • Material Certification

Packaging Available Upon Request

  • Small Wire Carriers Under 4,000# Capacity; Standard 4,000# Capacity; Large Over 4,000# Capacity
  • Compacted & Banded Coils
  • Coil Banded to Carrier (Over 1,000#)
  • Carrier Banded to Skid
  • Wooden Skids
  • Plastic Shrouds, Plastic Bagging for Environment Protection of Product
  • Paper "O" Rings for Carriers to Protect Material for Stacking or Material Handling

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