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Common Industry/Product Uses:

  • Home Appliances
  • Automotive
  • Machinery / Farm Implements
  • Lawn & Garden
  • CNC / Screw Machine
  • Fluid Power Industry
  • Gears, Shafts, Axles
  • Studs, Bolts, Machine Parts

Cold Finished Alloy Steel Bars

Improved-Machining Alloy Bars

Free machining alloys provide all the benefits of the latest developments in leaded or resulphurized alloy steels. Compared to similar non-leaded or non-resulphurized analyses, improved machining alloys machine as much as 50% faster and increase tool life as much as 300%, with improved finish. In addition, all of these alloys develop excellent mechanical properties with heat treatment.

These Alloy Steel Bar products provide quality, productivity and economy through the features of enhanced mechanical properties, dimensional accuracy, enhanced straightness and brighter uniform surface through the process of cold drawing. Along with enhanced Machinability, Cold Finished Alloy Steel Bars provide measurable value.

There are three factors that add value to Cold Finished Steel Bars over Hot Rolled Steel Bars:

  • Structural integrity (internal soundness)
  • Improved surface quality
  • Straightness and close dimensional tolerances

Capabilities and Available Grades

All of the Cold Finished Bars produced by TSW are available with a bright, smooth ground and polished surface.

Rounds: (dia) 1/16" through 3-1/2"
Lengths: 1 inch through 24 feet
Bundle Weights: 2,000# through 10,000#


Please inquire about your specific needs and other grades that may be available

  • 4140, 41L40, 8620, 86L20


Available Delivery, Services, and Packaging Information

Shipping MapTaubensee Steel and Wire Company is committed to be your single solutions provider.  We have an array of available processing services and can accomodate important packaging and delivery needs.  We are able to use our extensive network of logistics providers to deliver throughout the continental United States as well as Canada, Mexico, and other international destinations.  Please inquire about your specific domestic or international delivery needs at +1 800 459-5101.

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Cold Finishing Services Available Upon Request

  • Special Diameter & Length Tolerances
  • Special Straightness Tolerances
  • Sawcutting (Bundle or Index Cuts)
  • Single and Double End Champhering
  • Two-roll Restraightening
  • In-line NDT Electronic Testing  /  Off-line NDT Electronic Testing
  • Mechanical Testing / Requested Quality Assurance Testing

Packaging Available Upon Request

  • Small Steel Banded Bundles: 3,000# - 3,999# and 2,000# - 2,999#
  • Extra Steel Bands for Bundles
  • Wooden Boxing (to ensure straightness and surface protection) -- 2,000# and 1,000# capacities per box
  • Paper or Plastic Wrapped Bundles to protect steel from environmental conditions
  • Custom Painted Bundle End Colors for quick product identification



Selected Cold Finished Alloy Bar Characteristics

Low Carbon Alloy Bars -- Case Hardening

The ability to develop a hard case supported by a tough, ductile core is characteristic of case hardening alloys -- with the exact properties developed, depending on the type of alloy selected and the manner of heat treatment.

8620 -- most widely used of all case hardening alloys -- truly general purpose, oil hardening steels with good core properties. Low in cost. Composition is balanced: nominally .55% nickel, .50% chromium, .20% molybdenum. Minimum distortion and growth characteristics.

86L20 -- is a case hardening steel. A nickel, chrome, moly steel with excellent free machining characteristics. Develops a uniformly hard case supported by tough, ductile core and has relatively low distortion in heat treatment.


Medium Carbon Alloy Bars -- Direct Hardening

The medium carbon and direct hardening steels in this group offer you the right combination of strength, toughness and hardness after oil quenching and tempering -- plus machinability. When increased wear resistance is required in localized areas, they can be flame or induction hardened. Hardenability data is developed for each heat of steel and furnished with the heat's certification document.

4140/4150 -- are widely used medium carbon steels -- truly general purpose alloys, low in cost.  Nominal composition: .95% chromium and .20% molybdenum content. A broad range of strength and toughness is attainable through variations in heat treatment. Good hardenability, strength, wear resistance, toughness and ductility.

41L40 -- is a superior free machining direct hardening alloy. A chrome moly alloy with 40% carbon and 15%/35% lead addition can be quenched an tempered to a broad range of strength levels.