Taubensee Background

Celebrating 70 Years!

On June 24th, Taubensee Steel & Wire will celebrate its 70th birthday. We’d like to thank our dedicated employees, loyal customers, and trusted business partners for contributing to our success over the past 7 decades…wow! What an accomplishment!

Our innovative management team and committed Career Investor Employees continue to grow TSW’s legacy of dynamic customer service and satisfaction with top quality cold finished barplating quality low carbon steel wire, and high carbon steel wire.


Robert L. Aiirhart (Bob)
On 08-16-19 at 3:39 PM

Spent many happy years with the Taubensee family and TSW growth. We are Very proud of the growth and it’s history.

I am 91 and enjoy having been a part (Sales Manager) of such a great company!!

Bob Airhart

On 08-16-19 at 3:47 PM

Thanks, Bob! Glad you are doing well and we are thankful for your dedication to TSW! All our best.

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